a little punk, a little schoolgirl.

Happy Monday magical creatures of the world!

I’m having just a COUPLE technical difficulties with the site at this point, so for now all of my posts will be on the home page. Hopefully things will be set up correctly soon all thanks to my majestic brother Reido.


This is one of my favorite, more eclectic looks.


The skirt was the real inspiration for this outfit which is funny, because GUESS WHAT.


I found it at Goodwill for $3. Thanks, Goodwill.


Also, thanks to Mandy Underwood for braving the very cold weather with me! She takes such beautiful pictures of me on staircases. Like this one.


The stairs were dirty and damp, my hands were gross.


These nikes are my actual favorite. I love wearing them with dressy outfits because it’s unexpected and fun and sporty.


One time, I wore this outfit and my friend Nate told me I looked like a punk rock schoolgirl. It made my day, so thanks Nate.


While wandering through downtown Muncie on this shoot, Mandy and I stumbled upon this cute little record shop. Of course, we entered.


The stock was incredible, but I didn’t see anything I needed.


And then I spotted it.


Styx, Great White Hope, $1.99.


I also like to pair a bold skirt with socks and flats or motorcycle boots. For a more casual look I like to pair it with a vintage tee and a topknot.

With a patterned skirt, especially in this bright of a shade, I keep the makeup really simple.

Thanks for reading this post, next one should be up by Thursday!

Glitter and Rainbows,

The Girlicorn


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