disney was perfect…and then we leaved.

Good Wednesday Magical Creatures!


I had such a wonderful time on spring break, and I’m sure many of you saw my trip pictures posted on various social media.

FullSizeRender 13  FullSizeRender 12

This vacation was really special to me because my beautiful and creative cousin Aly is getting married, and this was her bachelorette party! How exciting, right? Right.

Quick note: Aly is a wedding coordinator in Charleston, check out her business, Palmetto Weddings, here. No, she is not coordinating her own wedding.

FullSizeRender 15  FullSizeRender 10

All of the incredible women in my family gathered in (appropriately) the most MAGICAL place on earth to celebrate!

10676_10202849275627837_9206244724526252489_n  553358_10202848160839968_2695623543525007702_n

We partied for a good 3 days, stayed in an actual treehouse, and hit every attraction we possibly could.


Pictured above from left to right is my Aunt Kelly, Aly, moi, my Mother, my sister Nan and my Aunt Kim.


As the Maid of Honor, I made floral Mickey ears for all of us, the bride’s was all white with a little veil sewed on. I cut apart bunches of small flowers and hot glued them onto foam ears.


Most importantly, I won my family’s traditional Mickey Bar contest. The first person to see someone they know (and weren’t planning on seeing) at Disney World wins a Mickey Ice Cream Bar. Shout out to the girl from my Econ Class that I saw in Epcot! We are friends now.

One of my favorite parts was spending some bonding time with my mom and sister.

10299030_10202863462942511_4925778410015035349_n  10516594_10202863714548801_1013236542581130381_n

10412022_10202859692248246_3838244157925767732_n  10426118_10202854179830439_5503502194621428021_n

Leaving disney is one of the actual saddest things in the whole world.


As I was waiting for our return flight to board, passengers were boarding another flight. One of the passengers was a small child strongly resembling Pugsly from The Adams Family, dragging a Mickey Mouse behind him. A woman sitting near him asked him as he walked past,

“Did you go to Disney World?”

“Yes,” he replied, “and then we leaved.”

I wanted to console this poor, grammatically incorrect child, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that it gets better. Because it doesn’t. Whether you are a small or very big kid, leaving Disney World is always heart-breaking. The only thing that gets you through is the hope that one day you will return for more magic.

Also, a really exciting announcement!

As of now, I am OFFICIALLY spending the entire summer in Charleston, South Carolina working on my blog and spending some quality time with my family and the beach.


Hey, maybe I’ll even get a tan!

Ha. Just Kidding.

Glitter and Rainbows,

The Girlicorn

P.S. See you in Charleston, Aly!

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