say no to cupcakes! (unless they’re gluten-free)

Good Wednesday Magical Creatures!

I hope that you are having as wonderful of a week as I am!! I was able to see my brother this weekend for the first time EVER (since christmas), I get to see three of my best friends perform art they have been working incredibly hard on, the weather is beautiful, and on Friday night I get to go see JOHN MULANEY. Check out John Mulaney, he is hilarious. This video will change your life for the better.

I’m just itching for summer at this point, but I’m hanging in there.

After getting a few questions this week about my gluten-free journey, I have decided to tell you guys a little bit about it.


My mom has been gluten-free for about two years now. She always raved about how much better she felt, how she was never bloated, she never had indigestion, and she had even lost some weight.

I never actually believed her (sorry mom) until this last Christmas, when my stomach hurt so much just all the time that I decided to try it. At this point I was 139 pounds, uncomfortable, and unhappy. The combination of stress and bad diet had driven my body to a point where it just didn’t want food anymore.

My very intelligent mother finally suggested that I go gluten-free one last time. I decided I would humor her for a few weeks, and quickly realized why I was so uncomfortable all of the time.

I am one of the 18 million Americans who are gluten intolerant, the non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

So what is gluten? It is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. This means I don’t eat anything made with these grains, including but not limited to pasta, bread, cake, cookies, crackers, pancakes, waffles, licorice, fried chicken, some gummy candies, pizza, breadsticks, most cereal, onion rings….sorry.

This is just turning into a list of things that I miss eating.


It is worth it, I promise.


Let me tell you some of the results I encountered after going gluten free:

1. I was no longer bloated.

Bloating is no fun, and we all know it. After cutting wheat products out of my diet, I have had little to no bloating. I know this sounds like paradise, and it is. This is your body’s way of thanking you for no longer torturing it constantly. Even after overeating, I don’t feel bloated. I just feel full.

2. My digestive system was regular for the first time.

Think you are pretty regular? I did, too. Well, let me tell you, I wasn’t. And no amount of Activia could have fixed it. This was the most magical gift going gluten-free has given me.

3. I have more energy, I am more focused, and I am happier.

When your body is happy, you are happy. I used to go to bed exhausted, wake up feeling more exhausted and spend the whole day dragging. I now wake up well rested after as little as six hours of sleep. I get more things done during the day, and I have a more positive attitude about life.

4. I lost 17 pounds.

You’re right, everything I’ve said so far could just be in my head, but this is fact. I actually had to go buy all new pants because I dropped 2 sizes. By cutting out wheat products, I cut out most carbs. I mostly eat nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese.

5. I don’t crave wheat products anymore.

Granted, this is partially because I know the pain I’ll feel if I do eat gluten. All things considered, I just don’t want it anymore. I survive by just taking a bite of whatever it is I want. I generally limit myself to one bite a day, or else it will start to bug me. I can do this because I do not have celiac disease. If you have celiac disease do not eat gluten EVER.

6. It isn’t as hard as you would think.

If I can quit wheat, anyone can. I was a diagnosed pasta addict.

7. I have become friends with other people who have weird dietary restrictions.

It really is a great conversation topic. My best friend Mandy has Crohn’s, and our dysfunctional bowels have brought us much closer.

8. My entire lifestyle has changed, for the better.

The more healthy choices I make, the more healthy choices I make. When I decide to get salmon with green beans for dinner instead of a sandwich or pizza, I don’t want to ruin it by drinking soda. So I choose water. I feel so happy about that, I decide to meditate and do some yoga. You see how this goes.

Listen, I’m not suggesting you go gluten-free if you feel healthy. Taking things out of your diet for no reason is never a good idea. But if you are wandering through life constipated and confused, you might want to give gluten-free life a try.

If you have any questions about going gluten-free always feel free to send your questions to me at


I will officially be interning with the Social Media Director of Charming Inns this summer in Charleston!

I’ll be learning the ins and outs of their marketing department, but will focus heavily on social media management. I will be working with blog posts, facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest, along with other creative projects on the side.

Enjoy the beautiful weather before allergy season right hooks us straight in the sinuses, mystical beings.

Glitter and Rainbows,

The Girlicorn


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