stevie nicks is my hero

Happy Monday Magical Creatures!

Did you SEE the AMAZING thing that happened last night?

My dear children of the moon: the moon is incredible.

So, beyond blood moons…

Mandy and I did a shoot a couple of weeks ago inspired by young Stevie Nicks, and it’s finally edited! I have a few looks to share with y’all.

Dress: Gypsy Warrior, Hat: Forever 21, Blanket: Woolrich




Dress: Forever 21, Pendant: Clear Quartz




Mandy is back at it, and she continues to amaze me.

Wait, What? I heard that Mandy is accepting new clients! Contact her on her Facebook page if you’re looking for portraits, head shots, or photos of any kind!

Also, here is a bonus gift for you on this magical monday.


I accidentally put my hand in a big spiderweb.

Have a wonderful week mystical beings.

Glitter and Rainbows,

The Girlicorn

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