don’t put away your sundresses (aka rules are lies)

Happy Sunday, Magical Creatures!

After a week of pseudo-summer, it’s finally getting chilly outside, which is SO satisfying. I have been excitedly unpacking my coats/hats/scarves/gloves/boots bin.

Check back in February when I will be complaining about the cold and yearning for sunshine.

For now, however, I will be celebrating with blankets and tea.

The sad part about cooler weather is that you have to give up all those cute summer tanks and dresses that you invested in not so long ago, right?


Don’t give up on those summer pieces yet because you can repurpose them for fall, and there are a couple reasons why that is a good idea.

For one, having flexible items you can wear in a few different seasons is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. The fashion industry has made disposable fashion the new thing, and as a result we are buying more and more clothes largely because of how cheap they are.

Aside from protecting the planet, it is quite sad to put away all of those cute summer pieces that you recently invested in or, I don’t know, received as a birthday gift.

I’m going to show you a few ways that your wardrobe can transcend seasons and transition from past summer nights to the coming chilly mornings.

Layering is really the key to putting summer pieces to use during fall, and is also right on trend. This first piece is a beautiful dress from Dandy Boutique in Charleston. I got it for my birthday from my aunt, so I’ve barely been able to wear it at all. It’s white, but who cares about the labor day rule anymore?!? Rules are lies! Down with the patriarchy!


(photo by Mandy Underwood, check out her website @

Add a cardigan and some sneaks, suddenly the look changes seasons entirely. I have to be careful not to spill coffee on it though. Layering a cardigan or sweater over any sleeveless dress can turn it into a perfect fall look.

The next piece I’m repurposing is a BDG button-front denim skirt, which I wear constantly during the summer. I can wear it with basically everything I own, so I’m not giving it up yet.


(photo by Anthony Majewski who insisted I put this photo credit on here)

I threw on some tights (my savior during fall), and I paired it with a sweater, scarf and boots. You can do this with almost any summery mini. Tights and boots can transform them for fall.

In this last look I’m featuring my go-to romper from this past summer. This one is long-sleeved, which easily lends itself to be worn in chilly weather.


(photo by Anthony Majewski)

In this case all I needed to add was tights and booties (and a cute hat because hats), but if yours is sleeveless you can totally use the cardigan trick.

A few things to remember about repurposing summer pieces:

  • LAYERING is key
  • RULES ARE LIES, wear what you want, when you want
  • praise be to TIGHTS
  • FEEL GOOD because you are helping the planet

Have a good week, magical creatures!

I’m applying for some internships this week, so wish me luck.

Glitter and Rainbows,

The Girlicorn

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