sugar is enemy no. 1 (aka brb, crying)

Happy Thursday, Magical Creatures!

I’m actually pre-writing this post on Wednesday because today is Anthony and I’s 1 year anniversary!

Feel free to vomit at our cuteness.

I want to explore a topic with y’all that I’m trying to figure out: being a healthy person. What even does that mean anymore?!?

My most recent adventure with attempting to be “healthy” is trying to cut back on sugar, a.k.a. the light of my life.

This is really tough because I have a massive sweet tooth, which is one of the reasons that I NEED to cut back. Did you know that sugar is addictive? This fact was shocking to me, and also kind of scary.

I’m on this path because I recently picked up a book called I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson thanks to my mom, who has been trying to get me to read it for a while. Mostly, I wanted to stay in the dark about the dangers quietly lurking in my gluten-free pumpkin pancakes.


Honestly, this book has pretty much ruined my life. Now that I know all the terrifying things my sugar addiction does to my body, there is no turning back.

In her book, Wilson explains the origins of our obsessions with sugar. Eons ago when humans were living in caves and hunting for their food, sugar was hard to come by and also extremely valuable because of the “instant energy” it provided. This means that our bodies never evolved to become full after eating sugar. Now that all we have to do to find a sugary treat is walk into our kitchens, it is WAY to easy to fuel that fire.

Other scary things about sugar (specifically fructose) that Wilson mentions:

  • it is linked to dementia
  • it speeds up aging
  • it has been connected to many kinds of cancer
  • it can cause anxiety and a loss of concentration

Sarah Wilson takes a “gentle and kind” approach to quitting sugar, which is making it much easier on me. She proposes an 8 week process, ending with a full recovery from addiction to sugar. The idea is to build up good habits over time because, according to Wilson, restrictive thinking is rarely a successful endeavor.

At the moment, I’m almost completed with week one, meaning that I am just making a few changes. These include cutting out cereals, soft drinks and juices, candy and “low-fat” products. Did you know that low-fat products usually contain more sugar than their counterpart whole-fat products? (Think: Skinny Cow Ice Cream, Low-fat flavored yogurt, and the fact that Twizzlers are advertised as a “low-fat food”)

I’m doing the thing, which is already proving challenging.

One good thing that I have discovered so far is that lattés are delicious even without any sweetener.

I have also discovered that I have about 0% willpower and that clearly needs to change.

Next time you go for fruit and yogurt in the morning, maybe think about eating eggs with avocado instead. Little changes can go a long way.

Thanks for sticking it out with me on this writing-heavy post, I know it’s not my usual deal.

Have a good weekend, magical creatures! I, myself, am taking a thrilling trip to Costco this weekend.

Glitter and Rainbows,

The Girlicorn

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