accepting an internship (aka !!!!!!!)

Happy Thursday, Magical Creatures!

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season so far.

Good news to share! My hard work this semester has paid off. Grades aren’t final and I still have a few loose ends to tie up, but it looks like I will be finishing the semester with above a 3.5 GPA. This is the best I have ever done in classes, so I’m sufficiently pumped.

Other news: I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I have officially accepted an internship for this summer with Liz Alig, and skilled designer Elizabeth Roney. This is the last step in my journey towards becoming a college graduate (yay).


(photo from Liz Alig)

Not only is it exciting that I received any internship, this is the perfect internship for me.

As you all probably know, my dream is to do public relations in the fashion industry.

Not only is Liz a local designer based out of Indianapolis, but her company is focused on providing sustainable, fair-trade clothing.

This company works closely with organizations to provide fair wages to women in developing countries to craft every item by hand. Not to mention, much of the clothing is made using recycled fabrics.


(photo from Liz Alig)

I am seriously blessed to have the opportunity to work with an eco-friendly, entirely ethical company that produces quality, “fashion-forward” products.

Expect to see an upcoming post about the “fast fashion” fad. I have a few strong opinions to share regarding the subject.

So WOW, right? My internship doesn’t begin until summer 2017, but I am completely restless to start crafting content for this amazing organization.

Thank you to everyone who believes in me! I believe in you, too!

Have a wonderful weekend, magical creatures. Stay warm.

Glitter and Rainbows,

The Girlicorn

(featured photo from Liz Alig)


2 thoughts on “accepting an internship (aka !!!!!!!)

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