bangs in the wind (aka smh)

Happy Thursday, Magical Creatures!

I did it. I got bangs.

Curly hair and bangs are usually a no-no, but why would I obey that rule?

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

If you can tell by my oozing enthusiasm in this picture, there are quite a few reasons I may have wanted to obey that rule.

In the past two weeks I have encountered obstacles that I expected when I committed to this new look.

I have also encountered obstacles that I did not expect.


  • bangs do not automatically “bang,” they need a bit of training while wet
  • bangs flip out instead of in sometimes
  • bangs curl in a way that isn’t like the pretty girls in the magazine
  • wind
  • bangs do not listen to pleading or crying, they think I am a sissy
  • bangs look like furry unibrow when viewed from my own eyes
  • bangs look greasy if conditioned properly
  • I am lazy and bangs require motivation

I am beginning to suspect that the magical curly-banged Pinterest girls actually work hard to get that effortless tousled look

As with I do with everything in my life, I have been researching like crazy to try to figure out some ways to make my new bang-ed life a little bit easier. Here are a few tips I have for anyone thinking about doing the chop.


I should have bought headbands before I cut my hair. Some days, bangs just aren’t worth the work. That’s where headbands come in to save the day. Other valuable assets include cute clips, bobby pins, bandannas and headscarves.


I have found a few methods that help me to have cute, voluminous bangs without slaving over them. Sometimes, I blow dry them down before I go to bed. It takes about 30 seconds. Or, I twist the wet bangs into cute curly sections, and let them air dry. I separate and style them after they’ve completely dried. Occasionally I’ll use a curling iron to curl them under; a straight iron will make them stick straight out. Not cute.


Generally, styling  bangs is a struggle so when you finally get them in place you desperately want them to stay exactly like that. Then, you go outside and the wind is like, “OH LOOK BANGS WHY DONT I JUST COME IN AND MESS THEM UP FOR YOU.” The best method I’ve experimented with is a lightweight hairspray to tame them slightly. Another solution is a compact mirror to immediately fix your hair when you get inside again.
If any of you bang-ed beauties have any advice on this matter PLEASE share. I’d love to try anything you have to offer.

Have a good weekend, magical creatures! I’ll be attending the Women’s March on Washington (the one in Indy) with my sis. I hope to see some of your fine, feminist faces there!

Glitter and Rainbows,

The Girlicorn


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