a summer of fun (aka work work)

Happy Friday, Magical Creatures!

I am officially 2 weeks into my summer “break”.

I am in the process of finishing my final semester at Ball State (!!!!). All I have left to complete is my 2 credit internship class. If you don’t know about my internship, refer back to this previous post. I’ve been doing blogger relations, and I’ve even been able to correspond with some of my favorite bloggers! So, mostly, I’ve been trying not to fangirl at them and being a complete professional.

This summer feels like a new start for me, as I am venturing out into the world, job searching, working and continuing to blog.

The sad part about this summer is that Anthony is living at home so that he can audition in Chicago, get his personal trainer’s license and take coding classes. He’s pretty cool.

As a result, I am flying solo in Muncie. This weekend I’ve been adjusting the apartment to fit one person’s stuff instead of two which means there is SO MUCH SPACE, WOW. Although, unfortunately, it feels a bit empty.

Here is a list of things I’ll be doing this summer:

  • interning with Liz Alig
  • working at American Eagle
  • looking for a (real) job
  • blogging
  • trying to resist adopting a cat
  • buying too many plants
  • painting my nails odd colors
  • forgetting to water the plants
  • making tapestries with Mandy
  • trying to get my skin to clear up
  • buying plants to replace the dead ones
  • eating so much guacamole

I’m interviewing next week with a financial firm in Carmel! The real world is coming so fast, but I actually feel like I’m ready for it for the first time.

Let me know what you guys are up to this summer in the comments!

Have a good weekend, magical creatures.

Glitter and Rainbows,

The Girlicorn

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